Equipwell was established in Malaysia since 1993, we manufacture our own filter press system and we have sold over 1800 units in Asia country.

  • Equipwell offers filter presses in a variety of capacities range from 25L – 5000L and plate size of 250 x 250 to 1500 x 1500x 100 plates x 15 bars operation. Filter press frame design configuration including both sidebar and overhead. Most of our filter presses are design as a standard unit and also to the customer’s need, we also offer new and used filter press.
  • Equipwell offers customers variety of Filter Press options
  • Cater for specific needs cycles times, cloth life and semi-automatic and fully automatic unit.
  • Provide expert and teams for filter press installation, training and assist with preventative maintenance to ensure optimal performance and press –up-time.
  • Equipwell offers to service to our own products and also other press maker products by repair and refurbish, retrofit automatic shifter, automatic drip tray, automatic process valve, control panel for making sure the filtration system is of optimal operation.
  • Equipwell provide spares for all other press maker products, preventive maintenance and operator training to make sure the filter press system that is not performing optimally, costing you valuable time and money.
Filter Press System Supplier by Filter Press System Supplier Malaysia